Tropicana orchids. Eileen  Goldfinger.  Forum photograph. 2/25/21.


Eileen Goldfinger.  House and Garden editor at


There is a very large tree at the corner of Jasmine and Coconut. Two orchid plants are growing on the bark.  Orchids are epiphytes which can anchor themselves where the right conditions of light and moisture occur. They like textured bark.


They are considered a type of “air plant.”


The pink orchid in the photo is a Dendrobium, a plant that prefers shade. Over on the left side you can get a glimpse of a white one.


MIRANDA SAGE finds a romantic side to these colorful plants:   “Orchids in the Moonlight” from her album called Moon Tiger.  This song is a tango.


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  1. If you would like to see some beautiful roses check the Barber home.There also is a patch of Sunflowers on Poinciana on the back gate side.Have a good day.

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