A Cobbler’s Tool.


The Landis sole stitcher. Paul Goldfinger photograph. January 2020. © Click to enlarge


By Paul Goldfinger editor.  TropicanaForum.com


José Santiago is an Italian-trained cobbler  from Ft. Myers, Florida.

He bought this old Landis “stitcher” years ago,  and it still functions.  The Landis Shoe Repair Machinery Company, St. Louis, Missouri, was founded in 1895 and supplies shoe repair equipment all over the world.  His machine was manufactured  in the 1930’s.

Some countries do not have the disposable culture that we have, but in Southwest Florida, José has plenty of work.  His specialty is orthopedic footwear.

He calls himself a “cobbler,” but his small shop offers a different message, writ large on a sign  out front,  “SHOE REPAIR.”   He is located on McGregor Blvd in the same strip mall as the bike shop—5 minutes from Tropicana.


KEVIN KLINE with a Cole Porter song from the movie De-Lovely.  Do you suppose she’s so easy to love….because of her shoes?



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  1. He replace a pair of soles on my Birkenstocks, not many places do that. He had the soles in stock and the sandals resoled in two days. Quality job and good price.

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