Consider this—what happens after the Park is sold.

Camelia Drive, Tropicana. Forum photo. March 1.


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After the park is sold, the new owners will be spending a lot of money on improving the park  (perhaps more that $3 million.)  Those of you who own houses but are not shareholders are correct in paying attention to the sale. They will be introducing new standards for the homes as well as the Park itself.

They will make the park look better and function better with changes in landscaping, entrances, clubhouse, new life-style facilities, and other improvements.  They will probably do a better job in enforcing the rules here, and all of that will go to making the park and our houses more valuable.

So the bottom line, hopefully, will be that your homes will be worth more on the market.

Once there are new owners and possibly new management, most of us will see all of that as making Tropicana Park a much better place in many ways.

So, if possible, you might consider holding off on selling your homes. Once the Park sale has occurred, all of us will have the same homeowners’ status here.

This will result in a better frame of mind for all of us.  And the homeowners association will have considerable clout coming from one representative organization instead of 2 or more.