The slimmed down “veggiematic..

Paul Goldfinger photo at the Outlets Market. This woman is selling sharp instruments for cutting vegetables. 3/5/21.  In the photo she was taking a quick breath from under her mask while waiting for another fascinated bystander. Click to enlarge


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor

Remember the Veggiematic?  I used to be mesmerized by the TV sales-people demonstrating those chopping, slicing, mincing miracle machines for the kitchen.

But this woman was selling two small handheld stainless steel tools made in Switzerland. She was putting on a show for folks walking by, asking, “Are you lefty or righty?” and then the fascinating spiel began.

I tried to interest Eileen in one–she’s a lefty.  But she was not interested saying, “I have one home with a plastic body and metal blades. Cost me $4.00 at William -Sonoma.”  Imagine that?  Something for $4.00 at William Sonoma?

This woman was helping herself to a quick nose-breather between customers when she spotted me.  Click on image to look into her eyes—remember, she’s a woman with two sharp tools in her hands.  Do you recall Lorena Bobbitt?

And I was also recalling Angela Lansbury in Sweeney Todd, but she didn’t do the cutting. Yet she did cheer on Sweeny Todd and she made the pies.

And then the women at the guillotine, but they knitted and applauded as the merchants of death operating that huge cutting machine smiled as heads rolled down the French hills––a memorable memory.  And the memory lingers on as I sat in high school listening to this.

But Stephen Sondheim prefers to think of women this way:

Pretty women . . .
Fascinating . . .
Sipping coffee . . .
Pretty women . . .
Are a wonder. . .
Pretty women!

Sitting in the window! Or
Standing on the stair!
Something in them cheers the air . . .!
Pretty women . . .


JOHNNY DEPP AND ALAN RICKMAN.  “Pretty Women” from Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.