The white ibis… a rare version of a common theme.

Large White Ibis going solo today along the Camelia River. Paul Goldfinger photo March 18, 2020. ©  Click to enlarge.


Where we live in southwest Florida, small White Ibis birds, quite common,  travel in little tribes and show up on one’s lawn, pecking with their curved beaks thrusting into the grass like chickens.

Some say they are “Florida pigeons.”  But  while those tribal versions are small, perhaps 8-12 inches, today a variant appeared which is much bigger, perhaps 2 feet long, but otherwise looks similar.  It is somewhat smaller than the great white egret.

And it is also different in that it was not scurrying about with the flock. It stayed in the same small zone along the edge of the Camelia River, quite by itself for some time.  Later another one showed up.

The other characteristic is that it is fearless. I could practically walk up beside it.

The White Ibis is the mascot of the University of Miami.