COVID-19 at Tropicana ?


Sanibel Farmers Market. It will be awhile before we can get close like this again. Paul Goldfinger photograph 2018


September  28, 2021.


Many of us who came to Ft. Myers earlier this month just because of the sale closing were not happy to have to return for that reason.  It was a time when COVID numbers were spiking in the area. The lawyers involved demanded that this be done in person.

During the signing event on 9/13, shareholders got to be in a room where there  were perhaps four tables, each of which had about 8 shareholders plus two lawyers.  Everyone wore masks, but distancing was impossible, and some participants were not keeping their masks in place.  In terms of virus risk, it was worrisome.

Two shareholders flew down, spent 6 days, and flew home on the 15th.  They were fully vaccinated.  They had minimal contact with anyone and they wore masks as directed.

After coming home, one of them became ill  on 9/16  and was later found to test positive for COVID-19  as did her husband.   So they could have caught the virus while in Florida   (September 9-September 15).

They are now in isolation at home and they are doing well so far, but that virus is dangerous, especially for seniors.

According to Clarice, there were no other reports of anyone present becoming ill.

There is no proof that the two cases were acquired in Tropicana, but those who were present might consider going to a pharmacy and having a COVID test done just to set your minds at ease.


Paul Goldfinger, MD


NOTE    When someone becomes infected with COVID after having had vaccination, that is called a “breakthrough.”  Such events are becoming more common lately.   Being vaccinated will protect you against infection to a considerable extent.

But If you do get infected after vax, it is less likely that you will die or require hospitalization.

There are new treatments available tor someone with a new infection. The best so far is the Regeneron infusion of COVID antibodies.