Surge in Lee County COVID deaths since August 1, 2021.



We got this headline from today’s News-Press.  The surge in deaths is mostly in those who have not been vaccinated, but as we have reported, you can still get infected if you have been vaccinated.  Booster shots are a must.

442 people have died in the Lee Medical System in the last 2 months from COVID. This is a horrible statistic.  Since they had their first death in March 2020, they have had 1200 deaths.


This is from today’s article:

Nearly 1,200 patients have died of COVID-19 at Lee Health hospitals since the system reported its first coronavirus death on March 5, 2020.

And the last two months have been the deadliest since the pandemic began 18 months ago, as infections and hospitalizations skyrocketed due to the spread of the highly contagious delta variant.

Roughly four of every 10 virus-related deaths at Lee Health have occurred since the beginning of August, a stretch that as of Thursday morning has seen 442 patient lose their lives due to COVID-19, according to an analysis of the hospital system’s data by The News-Press.


We should not have been forced to come to Ft. Myers for that closing meeting. It was too risky.   If any of you have gotten sick since then, you should contact Clarice, Murex, and you can share information here.

Now that Murex is running the show at Tropicana, they need to establish a web site with access for all of us, or at least open their crummy Facebook page to more than just prior shareholders.

Communication is important, and they should be getting on the information bandwagon for all, especially regarding COVID in Lee County and specifically in Tropicana.

All of us who have homes in Tropicana need to share a mature online place where ideas can be communicated and discussed.

This blog is not a newspaper or a Facebook page, but you are all welcome to initiate discussions here about important topics.

Just email me at  I don’t guarantee that everything you send will meet our standards.  We will not post your quest for a new shower door–save that for Facebook or for some new Murex site.


Paul Goldfinger MD, FACC