Show us the money: checks mailed to shareholders.

Bunche Beach is waiting for us—at the end of John Morris. Forum Foto. Click to enlarge.  Paul Goldfinger 2019.

So here we are on October 8, 2021, and the checks to shareholders are being sent by FedEx. It’s been a long journey and congratulations to all those who worked hard with the Negotiating Committee.

You may recall that the decision to go with Murex/Carlyle happened 6 months ago in April.

Here is a link to our post in April–hopefully the new Facebook management will allow freedom of speech and links:

Park to be sold to Murex/Carlyle Group. Vote to sell wins by a large shareholder majority on 4/29/21.


For the shareholders, they will be paying more money each month to cover rent, water and taxes just like everybody else.  I guess the Co-Op is now dissolved and the new name will be?  Tropicana ?

There will be questions and issues coming forward, and we look forward to how the new management, Murex, will relate to we the people.

They promised to listen to our ideas, so start making a list in case you get to speak your mind.

It seems like optimism is the guiding light for now.  Recall that we are pioneers in the recent movement to return parks like ours to single ownership.

Feel free to send us your opinions which, if appropriate, will be posted here.   We are interested in serious discourse.    The rest can go to Facebook.

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