New ideas for Tropicana 2021.

Porch sale in New York City. Tropicana Forum


Tropicana is like a small town.  We have neighborhoods and we have people who generally enjoy a social whirl within the community.  Now that there is new management and now that we do not have an upper class and lower class demographic–all homeowners now are basically the same, then why not take a look at our situation and see if we can think of ideas that would improve our lifestyles.

Sure we now have Murex, and they have ideas that mostly have to to with infrastructure such as putting up pickle-ball courts—a fun game which I just witnessed in New Jersey, and improving the shuffle board area.  And they will likely announce other changes that hopefully will be aimed at making the “Trop”  a more satisfying place to live.

But why not share ideas that you may have.  You could express them on Tropicana Facebook, but now that is not set up for that purpose.   Here are some samples:

a. There should be an internet place where all of  us could access for a variety of purposes such as a community calendar, management announcements, spontaneous events  (such as a yard sale), photography, music, etc. This could happen at a Facebook site or another location which can be accessed by all Tropicaners and where serious discussions can occur.

Maybe there could be a section where items can be sold.  Such a site will need moderation.  Not everyone is on Facebook, including me, so I would prefer something else.

b. Town wide yard sale once or twice a season.

c. Lectures in the Clubhouse.

d. More clubs:  photography, cooking, chorus, etc.

e. An organization where all can be members and where issues that affect all of us can be discussed.


If any of you want to add to a collection of ideas, just send them to us either by clicking on “comments” below or by emailing to


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