Giving Up the Good Life? A Trend or Just the Usual Turnover?

It’s all for sale. PG photo   Re-post from 2012.  Tropicana.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD  2012.  Editor  Historic post; watch for 20212 changes.


According to a Co-op official, sales are quite active in the Park.  This resident is selling his unit, his beach chairs and even his hammock.

You can see scattered for-sale signs around the park.  Some are for-sale by owner, but most seem to be using the services of Newby Realty (  I saw a couple by Century 21  (Shirley Capes) , two by Rossman Co and one by Rawlings.

So far, as far as I know, there has been no sale of a property where a Co-op share is part of the deal.  In such a strange instance, you might have a unit priced at about $20,000 along with a share price of perhaps $57,000.  This has got to be a very unusual situation in real estate.

I have been unable to determine if a seller  can separate the share from the house or if they always are stuck together. This is a micro-market that will be interesting to follow as more such properties go up for-sale.  There is such a situation just  listed on Camelia Drive.  Drive by and you can see the sign.


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