Restored Seaside Heights boardwalk and an iconic Sandy image.

Moe Demby. Blogfinger staff. AP photo


Casino roller coaster AP Photo   After Sandy in Seaside Heights, NJ


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.  2017 re-post.

Seaside Heights was blown apart by Sandy. (Oct. 29, 2012). You may have seen their roller coaster lying on its side in the ocean. They received a huge payout by FEMA, and finally the amusement pier is back.  Go visit to see what they have now. The new “roller coaster” (“Hydrus”) is amazing—something to see  (but, in my opinion, not to actually board.)  And while you are there, get a slice, some raw clams “one the half shell”, and a classic sausage, pepper and onion sandwich, but make sure it is hot and has enough of that marvelous red sauce.

And, by the way, they have a fine collection of parking lots for the tourists.

Seaside is  the place for Italian cuisine of a certain Jersey kind.

One summer, in college, my band was playing in a bar/restaurant in Lavalette.  But we were staying in Seaside. Talk about titillation—- girls, barely in their summer clothes,  bars with bands (we were too young,)  sea breezes, the smell of the ocean and the food, and all in one place——-that was the Seaside Boardwalk and then , after a 1 am snack, it was back to our pad over a garage, one block to the ocean, and…oops, I forget the rest.