WASSUP at Tropicana: Oct 30, 2021

Downtown Fort Myers. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


a.   We heard from a 3rd manufactured home community in Florida.   The latest is Marco Shores.  These parks are being approached by unsolicited potential buyers such as Murex, and the offers land in the laps of residents who don’t know what it’s all about.

If they Google information they may wind up here since there isn’t much on the subject out there.

I gave them what information I could and then referred them to Dan Kelley who was on the Co-Op Board.  The Marco Shores rep. asked for the name of our lawyer which I did provide, but I didn’t offer any opinions about our legal representation.

I’m still upset at them for putting us at risk with the last meeting for the closing.

b.   I understand that Murex will need some time to get going, but they really should figure out a way to communicate with us including announcements, complaints,public questions, policy decisions  (with a chance to offer our opinions) etc.

Continuing to use Facebook for that is a mistake.  For one thing, there are those (including myself) who don’t do Facebook and some who don’t participate in any social media outlets.  In view of what’s been revealed lately, we can’t trust Facebook and others to maintain our privacy.

We at Tropicanaforum.com are open to any inquiries, discussions, and opinions, but we are not interested in taking on such a roll as a matter of policy.

Tropicana Forum is a blog site that is open to anybody to read, but the content is controlled by me….the Editor-in-Chief.  I do want folks who care to send us their ideas.

Send to Blogfinger@verizon.net or comment on any post  (look for “comment” at the bottom of any post.)

In my opinion Murex  should set up a website private for all residents of Tropicana.


Song of the week asks the question:  “What’s it all about?”