Tropicana update Nov. 1, 2021: Who’s who at Tropicana?

Tropicana lights. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


Today the Tropicana Topics Newsletter was released.  Here is their opening statement

This newsletter is produced by TSC, Tropicana Social Club; membership is open to every resident of Tropicana who pays $5 per person yearly TSC dues, including those renting from Tropicana homeowners.

 According to the TSC bylaws, decisions on the content of the newsletter are the responsibility of its editor and TSC president.

Murex is handling sales and purchases of homes in the Park.  They have a website called :

Tropicana Co-op is now  “Tropicana Owners, LLC”  



“All residents are now a part of the Tropicana Mobile Homeowners Association, and we WELCOME all former shareholders and New Residents during 2021! With that commitment in mind, we want to offer to ALL former Shareholders AND ALL residents of Tropicana, the opportunity to join the Tropicana Mobile Homeowners Association NOW, instead of waiting until January 1, 2022.”

“For more information on THMA consult the latest Tropicana News Letter report from Cindi Nance, President.”


Clarice Campbell’s new email 

Her phone numnber is   239 243 0822 

Her title is “Manager Tropicana”


Updated Park Directory will be out soon

Let’s wish upon a star  for fair weather, calm seas, good health, Ft.Myers safety and health, and a return of the Doo-Wops


Paul Goldfinger  Editor     And email to  Please spread the word that we are back—-and free of cost and freedom of speech.


BILLY JOEL with the Trop song of the week: