Food truck “Viva La Taco” to visit Tropicana in December.

Celebration Park in East Naples. A food truck experience.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor

It turns out that food trucks are becoming plentiful and popular in the Ft.Myers area.  We experienced a food truck festival in Tampa, and it was wonderful.


I took this photograph during a food truck sampling in Tampa, Fl    Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


Bringing food trucks into Tropicana is the brainchild of Andrea Kelley .

She got permission from Murex to go ahead, so she researched the topic, and she is very optimistic of success with food trucks.  To start she hopes to bring in one per month and to vary the cuisine.

The one coming to Tropicana in December  is “Viva La Taco,” a highly regarded Mexican brand. Andrea sampled their food recently when the truck was visiting a church nearby.  The plan is to have some recorded Mexican music to liven up the event.

The approval by Murex, allowing a resident to take charge of a program suggests that changes are coming which will improve all our lifestyles.

If you have an idea, run it by Clarice and she can take it to Murex.

So far there is no link where residents can approach Murex directly.



This is the truck coming to Trop.  Source: Dan Kelley


I have learned that demand  for trucks is high, so there may be some challenges to arranging visits by a variety of trucks.  It would be good if trucks could come in on weekends and also at dinner time rather than only lunch.  And, more than one at a time can be fun.

You can also try to visit Celebration Park in Naples which is not so far from Tropicana.

Eileen and I are looking forward to future scheduled truck appearances. And congratulations to Andrea Kelley for thinking “out of the box” as we all look for a bright future in Tropicana.