DSI internet in Tropicana: What are the facts?

Do we know all we need about DSI Wi-Fi in Tropicana?


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When Eileen and I are at Tropicana, which is a few months each year, we are busy on the internet using the DSI service.

I operate this blog and it is transmitted all over the world. We consume a lot of data because we are moving photographs, articles, and music. We also stream movies, for example from Netflix.

When at Tropicana we use a variety of devices, sometimes simultaneously: cell phones, computers, i-Pads, and any other device which one may operate while online.   (Note that “online” is the correct spelling rather than “on-line.”)

The more devices in use at the same time, the more your bandwidth is divided.

Sometimes we are unhappy with slowing of performance in Tropicana.

Each home receives Wi-Fi data expressed by speed:  megabits per second–which DSI calls “megs.”    DSI refers to their data received by their subscribers as “bandwidth.”  Each home  pays for a certain bandwidth.

You can obtain just internet from DSI without the TV if that is your desire. They have different packages.

We currently are paying for their standard internet speed of  30 “megs.”  25 megs is usually sufficient, but the bandwidth that you get in your home will be divided up between whatever devices are currently connected to the internet.

So if you are just on your computer, 30 megs should be sufficient to give you good service.  But If you are on your computer while others in your house are on their cell phones, or iPads, or Netflix, the bandwidth for all those devices may be inadequate for your chosen speed.

DSI says that the standard service of 30 megs may be enough, but if your home usage is 2 or more devices, then you can upgrade to 50 megs for better performance.  Doing this may only cost an additional $10.00 per month.  Call for more pricing information.

If you are having trouble with speed, it has nothing to do with how many people in the Park are using Wi-Fi.  It has mostly to do with the usage in your home.  This is what DSI customer service says, but I am skeptical.

I don’t know how the weather affects usage, but the performance of “towers” in the vicinity will have some effect.

And, customer service is excellent.  Call 800 303 9712

We have been moderately satisfied with our DSI but we will be upgrading to 50 megs when we return to the Park. They will then test our usage to see how that upgrade performs. If you are not there you can reduce the speed and the cost temporarily.

If you are part-time in the Park, don’t forget to turn off your service which you can do for 6 months. We leave our Wi-Fi on when we are not there because we monitor our thermostat having had mold issues in the past.

At some point I will tell you all I know about mold in a manufactured home like ours.

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