What does small town New Jersey look like?

“Patriotism” September 2021. By Jack Bredin, local artist. Ocean Grove, NJ


Ocean Grove is a 150 year old small town at the Jersey Shore  (ie the Atlantic Ocean.)

On this day, the Chamber of Commerce brought a British Car Show into town on Main Avenue.  There were a few ROTC cadets present.  You can see the flag, so local artist Jack Bredin called the painting “Patriotism.”

The weather was still warm when Jack showed this scene.  A few blocks away there were sun worshippers at the beach.

Main Avenue was closed for this event, and if someone drove a few blocks west, he would come to the intersection of Main and Main   (Main Street and Main Avenue.)

The Methodists who founded this town had little imagination for street naming.  A preacher named Osborne founded the town as a religious community, but they never got around to naming a street for him.

Here is a song from the Broadway show Brigadoon.  It’s also about a small town.  It captures the mood in Ocean Grove, NJ that day.


Paul Goldfinger, MD    Tropicana Forum.




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