Fort Myers Photographs: Lakes Park Farmers’ Market

New Orleans beignets at this yummy stand—Lake Park Farmers Market, Fort Myers, Florida, 7330 Gladiolus Drive.   PG photo. Left click for full view


SOUNDTRACK:  It is difficult to try to find music to compliment this photograph of a beautiful and expressive child.  What words would convey the right description of the moment?  In the end, I thought of how her parents and family must think about her.

So I chose the lovely song “You’re my Everything” by Harry Warren,  but I wanted it performed by a jazz musician with the words as an aside, because  a jazz performance allows us to give the music its own meaning if we want to.

Yet these poetic lyrics do fit the theme and the music.  It’s your option as to how to experience this song:

“You’re my everything underneath the sun

You’re my everything rolled up into one

You’re my only dream, my only real reality

You’re my idea of a perfect personality.”

You’re my everything, everything I need,

You’re the song I sing and the book I read.

You’re a way beyond belief and just to make it brief

You’re my winter, summer, spring, my everything

Here’s The Miles Davis Quintet from the “‘Round Midnight” album.