Problem with DSI Wi-Fi? A quick guide–


If you have DSI in Tropicana, here are a few suggestions to get it up and running:

a.    First try unplugging the router at the wall and wait a few minutes before plugging it back.

If the problem recurs try it again.


b. The problem may be with your Ethernet wire. It connects your router to the device (radio) on the roof.


Ethernet wire identical at both ends.

c. Make sure your electric works.

d. If you can’t get it going, call DSI . Their customer service is excellent.

—800 303 9712

—or 888 603 5219

DSI may be able to get your Wi-Fi working by phone or they may choose to send a technician, and they usually can do that within 1-2 days.

Don’t forget, if you are part time, they can put you into vacation mode which will save some money.

Note: Until the issue gets corrected you can go to the clubhouse and tap into their Wi-Fi.  Ask Clarice for the password  (which may be on the bulletin board.)


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor


WEST SIDE STORY  (Steven Spielberg’s new movie of West Side Story opens soon and it has received rave reviews.)    This is “America” where someone will come to your house and solve the problem.