Shareholders: Have you grappled with the folks who issue registration renewals yet?



You have received your 2021 decals for your home. It is now being treated like a motor vehicle. Those decals are only good until this year has ended. Then you have to re-register your home with the FLHSMV. Here is a “heads up” after we re-registered.

Your mailing offers you a web site to try and register for 2022 on line. Use the URL that begins with http…etc.

Then try to fill it out, but it is fraught with minefields. You will get two registrations if you have a double wide trailer. Each has a different number.

Some of the entries are confusing, and if you don’t respond as expected, you will fail the test.

We suggest that you give them your Ft. Myers address and not your address up north. And, if you and a spouse own the place, you have to try to enter the correct choice. You may have to try do the registration papers over and over again before it will allow you to succeed with online registration.

You might run into a chance to schedule a meeting at the local office, but they are already booked into 2022. Below is our confirmation after succeeding on line.

We suggest that you pay for two years. Above under transaction details it says “2021” This process can make you crazy.


Here’s Ellis Marsalis with some Christmas cheer.