Being there: honoring a loved one at sunset….

“Being there.”    Ft. Myers, Florida. Paul Goldfinger photo. Dec 18, 2021.


It was close to sunset on Saturday, December 18, 2021. This group had attended a funeral the day before, and now family and friends arrived to pay tribute by watching the sun go down together.  They seemed happy, so they found joy in honoring their loved one this way.

One woman was the director.  I asked her if this was a sort of New Orleans style tribute to a deceased person. She said yes.

She saw my camera and asked if I would take a few straight on shots with their camera. This would allow their photographer to be in the photo.  At first the photographer was resistant; worried about her camera.

I understood her concern because it was a trick I ran into in Europe where you ask a stranger to take your picture, and then, while you smile, he runs away with your camera.

I agreed, taking a few images of the group posing Coaster-style.  And as they continued to pose for more pictures, I took this image. Later I offered to send her a photo.

Her email was missdaisy@….  I said, “So who’s driving you today?”  The joke went over her head and floated out over the bay.

This photo seems like a prayer might be in order, even here on the beach.  But they had no music; just soft conversation.