Trop. palm tree trimming begins

Crew loads waste into a chipper truck. Paul Goldfinger photo. 12/22/21


The loud roar of chainsaws was continuous on Camelia Dr. this afternoon. A man in an orange shirt walked into our backyard with a long ladder and with equipment hanging from a heavy duty belt including a chain saw whose motor was purring.

He climbed the ladder and wasted no time in sawing down dead branches.  It was quickly over; he climbed down and left the yard waste on the ground.

Later a device rolled in with a huge grabber on the end.   The driver picked up branches and then drove them out to the street where 5 men were pushing the refuse into the jaws of a chipper truck.

It was a very efficient operation and will be paid for, this time, by Murex.  These palm trees grow very fast, and home owners will have to see to it subsequently, but the gesture has a clear meaning:  Murex wants Tropicana to look good–a goal welcomed by both management and homeowners.


Music from the movie The Aviator……”Ain’t Cha Glad?”