Real property decal time in Tropicana…

Double wide, 2 year decal issued for 2022.  Tropicana.  Paul Goldfinger photo.


For those of you who were shareholders, you will need a decal for Jan 1, 2022 issued byi the Lee County Tax Collector.  You are being charged a fee for these RP—real property decals.

The decals indicate that  you are registered for your mobile home.  You should already possess a title to your home which you will need  if you choose to sell.

The decals are sold annually, but you can purchase a two year decal  (as above).

Those who were not shareholders are already aware of this process.

Currently the real estate market in Tropicana is “hot” with any for sale homes sold quickly at suprisingly steep prices.  The whole area is in the grip of a real estate boom, and homes priced affordably are valuable finds, and trailer parks like our’s are being looked at with new-found admiration..

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger Forum,