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Jan 4, 2022


For years we have allowed anonymous comments on our NJ blog because it encourages people with opinions to offer their ideas without fear of  exposing their real names.  The reason is that we value ideas more than individual names.

Of course, we prefer that you give your actual name because it lends more credibility to what you have to say.

Yesterday we had 100 visitors to And we are encouraged because some days we only receive “hits”  by a few readers.

But we had no comments yesterday.

So perhaps you would be encouraged to say something if you can remain anonymous.   If you do offer an opinion, you can click the “comments” button below each post or just send me an email to and say that you want to be anonymous.  You also can offer a pseudonym.

We will not publish your email address unless you ask us to.

We will edit comments as needed,, usually for clarity, punctuation,, length, attitude, etc.   Please keep it short. We do not publish everything sent to us.  But we  will not reject anything just because we disagree. It is no different than a newspaper which does not print everything sent to it.

Tthe Trop Facebook page controls what you can say, such as no links. 

But here on, you have free speech including links, subject to our rules about foul language, name calling, attributing motives, and factual accuracy.

Please note that we become more active when we are present in Trop, but we can also keep up from afar, so you can send us news items and photographs, but the photos need to be of high quality.


Thank you

Paul   (Goldfinger, MD) Editor of Tropicana Forum.


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