Mailbox news from the front office. Email today Jan 7, 2022 . Forum review: Thumbs up!!

They passed on this design.


Holes are dug Tropicana Forum photos. 1/7/22


New sturdy steel units are being installed with cement.


Editor’s note:  The color seems black at first glance, but it is actually a dark greenish/brown.  Mailboxes are what everyone driving, biking or walking by sees, so this seems like a fine idea. It will create an orderly look on our streets and give us all something physically in common.


From Clarice Campbell:

“Good Morning Everyone, As many of you see the new mailboxes are being installed. They are already making such a difference in the appearance of our community. Please remember, there is to be no personalizing of these mailboxes. Please do not add names, numbers, designs, wraps license plates or anything else to them.

“When the new mailbox is installed and ready for use, the old mailboxes are being taken out and disposed of. If you would like to keep your existing mailbox after it is removed, you will need to let us know.”