Entry landscape project to begin on Monday, Jan 10.

From Clarice Jan 7:

“The entry landscaping is scheduled to begin this Monday, the 11th. During this work there will be periodic shutdowns of the main exit. When we need to shutdown the main exit, the back exit gate will be open.

“Also, we may need to switch the entry and exit sides at the main entrance from time to time, and there will be workers and equipment in the entry so use extra caution when driving into or out of the community. Please drive slow!!

“I am very excited to see the new face of our community.”


Note that Monday is January 10 not 11.


Editor’s note:  When people enter Tropicana, the first things they notice are the entry landscaping and access/egress.

As they move in and out they also notice that there are safety issues:  Our entrance/exit is dangerous, especially without a traffic light.

The double driveways on the entrance side, along with  the strip mall, is particularly a concern as you leave,  as is the risk to bicyclists and hikers on the sidewalk also especially as you leave.

And then there is that scary trip across McGregor to make a left out of the park. I saw a fatal accident at that light.

At night, approaching heading south on  McGregor, it is not easy to see the Trop sign which is too low and too dark. It is easy to pass it and then try to turn around.

Please be careful when using the back gate. Most of us are not used to that function.

How about sharing the design with the residents?  Clarice can email the plan and perhaps ask for suggestions/comments.

Hopefully the design will be about more than just appearances.Safety issues should be looked at.

Redoing the entrance is an excellent idea for more than one reason.


Paul Goldfinger,MD,  editor Tropicanaforum.com







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