One thought on “Portrait of Eileen—too marvelous for words.

  1. As a teenager I loved this romantic song by Buddy Holly, but I thought that he was saying, “….”no true love waits;” meaning that true love could not suffer delays.

    Yet it didn’t seem right, and no one I knew cared what it meant, and there was no Wikipedia.

    Much later I learned that Buddy Holly said …..”..know true love ways.”

    It turns out that such confusion with a song’s lyrics has a name: it is called a “mondegreen.”

    I do like the true lyric better, but it bothers me that “love ways” isn’t “love’s ways”

    And if Buddy were alive today I’d want him, just a kid at the time ,to explain “true love ways.”

    Maybe he was wise beyond his years. Most men don’t get “true love ways” until it’s too late.

    But any young man who does understand “true love ways” will go far.

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