Paul Goldfinger photograph to appear on the cover of new book in Europe and Canada.

The publisher calls this version “a rough.” Nov. 10, 2021.


By Paul Goldfinger,MD   Editor


I am excited to report that a publisher in London and one in Toronto have contracted  to use my photograph of Paris waiters for the cover of a new book  to be released in 2022.

It is one of my favorite images, and although it has appeared on Blogfinger, there is only one signed print out there, and that is owned by Sue in “Cheese on Main” in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, where it is permanently on exhibit.

Here is a BF link from a short piece where I discuss this photograph:

Left Bank Waiters


YAEL NAÏM with the lovely song “Paris” performed here in Hebrew.   She is French-Israeli and  has met success mostly in France.

One line translated :  “I came up to here… My pretty illusion, try to catch me, I’m in Paris”


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