Tornado hits Tropicana area neighborhood–breaking news

11 am.   A tornado struck our region at about 7 am this morning.  It roared into Tropicana, and an eyewitness said that it sounded like a “big burst of wind.”

We have been informed that a tornado warning was propagated by Lee County about 30 minutes before the funnel hit.

Severe damage is reported in the Iona area including Ft. Myers Beach and along John Morris. And involving Kelly Green and Cottage Point.

In Tropicana considerable devastation occurred, and many homes were seriously damaged including loss of roofs and portions of buildings.

We hear that major destruction is present on certain Trop. streets including East Palm, Avocado, Gardenia, and along the lake.

Sheet metal pieces are hanging from trees.

Water and electric are out.  Police and fire emergency personnel are on the scene going from house to house, marking where they’ve been, including utility lines.

Many folks are confining themselves to the clubhouse for shelter and aid.

We understand that our neighbor Century Twenty One was also badly damaged with 21 homes destroyed.  We have no similar data for Trop. at this point.

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This is reported to be Tropicana: