Tornado update. Sunday 1/16/22

Tropicana damage. Source: Daily Mail UK.  1/16/22.


By Paul Goldfinger  MD,   Editor   1/16/22.

a. Tropicana must have many friends, because received over 3,000 hits today, including 9 foreign countries, most suggesting great concern about the park.  Most of our visitors found us by Internet searches.

b. Tropicana  Facebook page reports that Murex will supply security tonight–looting is a concern.

They also report that a food truck will be coming tomorrow morning by the clubhouse and that the Faith United Methodist Church building B will be open tomorrow by 11:30 for a hot meal and phone charging.

c. Residents begin to speak out.   One resident whose home was spared was rattled. He said that seeing the devastation in person is “ten times more upsetting” than seeing a photo.   And are there any injuries?

Another posted below on Facebook:


1/16/22. Trop.Facebook page.  Elaine Finelli.


d. Recovery will be difficult.  Who pays for and arranges the cleanup?   When Eileen and I lost our carport in a mini-tornado a few years ago, our insurance company responded with cleanup which is covered in most plans.

But if someone is uninsured, then how is that handled?  Hopefully management will supply such information. Cleanup is essential: safety, health, management, law and order, appearance, and preparation for the next phase.

e. Here is a hymn recorded over 100 years ago in the Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove, NJ. It is a historic performance obtained on wax cylinders.  Ira D. Sankey  (The recording is “Waxing the Gospel”)