Tropicana tornado report: Day 2, January 17, 2022. Aid arrives quickly. Be aware of health issues.

Iona damage. News-Press photo 1/16/22.  A woman walks through damaged property.



By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, MD,  Editors of

The Tropicana trailer community has been rocked by the 1/16 tornado–the most damaged of several such parks in the Iona vicinity.

The fence that separates Kelly Green from Trop. is gone.  Even those whose homes are not damaged have been dealing with lack of water and electricity, and some have left the park.

Murex has been looking after those who are homeless or who are hanging on in damaged homes.   Meals are being supplied.*  The Red Cross has been present to help relocate individuals to safe housing.  Lee County police and fire are also present.

The Red Cross will supply hot meals* starting at 11:30 am at the Wa-Ke-Hatchee Recreational Center, 16760 Bass Road, off Summerlin, across from HealthPark.  Their number is 239 432 2154.

The cleanup will be a challenge.   Debris that  went flying high into the air will come down and possibly cause some health /environmental concerns in terms of air quality and contamination of homes and properties.  You might recall the air pollution that was present at the  9-11 site with medical repercussions even to this day.  Wear a mask around the park and in your home until the air quality has been checked.  Hopefully Lee County Health Department will assist with that.

The rain has resulted in wet interior conditions for those homes where roofs are damaged or gone, and the concern about mold occurring secondarily, as was vividly seen after Katrina, is going to have to be addressed in a preventive way.

Mold can develop  when you have heat and humidity, and can be life threatening particularly for those with underlying lung disease and allergies.  Wear masks if you return to your homes.  Mold spores are ubiquitous and can propagate in furniture, walls, rugs, etc.

Any one who has had water invasion should know that monitoring of air for mold can be done.  There are experts in the Fort Myers area who do that. They usually advertise as handling mold and radon, but only hire licensed and certified professionals. Have your home checked even if you think your’s is safe, especially if you develop a cough, wheezing or other respiratory issues.

We strongly recommend Radon and Mold Professionals, Bonita Springs, 239 287 0575. They worked for us in Tropicana a few years ago.

Your air conditioning will help control humidity.  Buy a hygrometer at ACE and monitor humidity in your home.  Keep it between 40-60% to help suppress mold spore growth.

Residents who drove their golf carts around got in the way and got flat tires.

A large group of Jeeps from a club arrived to help with cleanup and putting tarps on exposed roofs.

Security patrols and entrance guards have been provided by a company hired by Murex.

The Governor asked the Feds to declares the area a “disaster area.”  So FEMA funding with low cost loans will be available to help with rebuilding and repairing.

My experience with FEMA after Sandy hit at the Jersey Shore is that their funding can take some time to be approved.

So far we residents have heard nothing directly from Murex about short and longer term issues.   Some of us had our electric back on this morning.  And some residents escaped unharmed but are staying with friends nearby or perhaps heading north to go home.

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Any photos?  Try to be citizen reporters and tell us what your neighbors are saying and try for some photos showing workers and volunteers.

One resident summed up the situation by saying, “It’s a mess.”

We had about 3,500 hits yesterday at regarding the tornado at Tropicana manufactured home community .

Tropicana  was bought  just a few months ago by a major investment company –The Carlyle Group, and it has new management by Murex, a firm that manages many such parks in Florida.

We will see how they rise to this occasion.  It’s  probably not their first rodeo given the climate in the Sunshine State.

Looking forward, this park will recover.  Tropicana is all about life styles, and there is much to look forward to   (see below)

Photo in the Tropicana park in 2018. © Paul Goldfinger photograph.


It is fitting today to play this song, not only because it is Martin Luther King’s birthday but for those victims of yesterday’s tragedy in Tropicana:

It is Bruce Springsteen from his album “The Seeger Sessions.”



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  1. My heart goes out to all my friends and former neighbors at Tropicana. The news and photos are just sickening.

    It’s only been a few years since 11517 E Palm was my home, and family memories of Tropicana go back to 1979.

    Thank you Paul for providing updates on this forum as the community recovers. Keeping all in my prayers.

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