Tropicana tornado. Day #4 Jan 19, 2022. Missing Murex email

Yesterday we reported that Murex had stepped to the plate and issued a comprehensive summary of what they are doing.

But some were unable to receive that document.  It was sent as an email which might have been processed as spam.

Here it is from Clarice sent out yesterday on Jan. 18::

Dear Tropicana Residents,
We want all the residents at Tropicana to know Murex is working diligently to assist residents with any damage they have experienced from the tornado/storm event on Sunday. We are interested in helping all residents who have suffered from the damage caused by the tornados. We are in the process of compiling the specific needs and concerns that individual residents may have so we can address each person’s unique situation.
We have crews onsite working to rake up and pickup yards, we are in communication with FPL to help restore power to all, we are working with multiple assistance groups like Red Cross, we are exploring FEMA disaster assistance, we are scheduling large item pickup, a security service has been hired, and a Sheriff’s surveillance tower is operational.
A number of residents have contacted us seeking information on home replacement. We can assist with new home selection, installation, and financing. We will price your new home purchase and installation at our actual cost.
There are a number of contractors that we have been in touch with for home repairs, roofing, electricians, plumbers, and others who can help coordinate your home restoration. We also have demolition companies who can help you organize the removal of your damaged home.
As a reminder, 211 is a United Way program that provides free information and referral to human/social service agencies within Lee County. Clients can call this number from your telephone and receive information regarding disaster relief of all kinds.
Even with all this additional construction maintenance and repairs, we plan to continue to make the planned improvements to the overall community. You will see several projects moving forward, including the mailbox replacement, community fencing, entrance and clubhouse landscaping, clubhouse remodeling, and exterior clubhouse painting.
Please be courteous and considerate to all residents and contractors while all the cleanup and repairs are underway. Unless you have specific reasons to be traveling the streets other than your own such as volunteering, cleanup, caregiving for other residents, etc. please keep the roadways clear for all the contractors and vendors who are busy maintaining the property.
Murex is totally focused on restoring Tropicana to the attractive and lively community that you all know. We will certainly lend any reasonable form of support to those who have suffered from this natural disaster.
We’re here to help.
Wishing you well,
Your Tropicana On-Site & Murex Management Team



THIS IS FROM TODAY 1/19: From Clarice.  Her new email address:


Dear Tropicana Residents who have incurred damage to their homes,
We just received word from representatives of the Florida Division of Emergency Management that they will be on-site today 01.19.22 to assess the home damage from the recent tornado in order to obtain Federal Disaster Assistance. These assessments are critical to capturing the extent and severity of the damage incurred by residents in order to request support for federal disaster assistance. Please note that a request does not necessarily mean that federal assistance programs will be approved. However, they will do their very best to support our residents in their recovery efforts.
The teams will be badged and will all travel together. They have a lot to accomplish so please be mindful of their time. To help expedite their review of the damage there are a few items we will need from you.
Any resident with damage needs to send an email to Clarice: or if you cannot access email to provide answers to the insurance related questions listed below, please bring the following information to the office;
  1. Do you have insurance?
  2. How much insurance coverage do you have?
  3. Do you have tornado and wind coverage?
  4. Please provide any unmet needs that you may have in regard to the impact from the storm.
Here is what you can expect;
Capturing information about damage will be of critical importance; they will be taking photos of the storms impact on your homes. More important than damage is people; the teams may also ask questions that may appear personal in nature. This information will be anonymous and not identify you personally.
If you are in contact with Tropicana residents who are not staying in the community and know how to contact them please reach out to them this morning to let them know we need this information today if possible. Additionally, we are trying to gather other information that we can use to assist the residents impacted by the storm. Please come to the office so that we can coordinate individualized assistance.
Thank you again for your cooperation in this process to provide our impacted residents with help and support.







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