Murex touches base—does it all make sense?



By Paul Goldfinger MD    Editor

“We’re here to help,” says our new management.

We residents  have every reason to be confident in the management promises, despite the tornado.  Here are some quotes from the Murex/Carlyle’s statement.

“We are interested in helping all residents who have suffered from the damage caused by the tornados.”  This bold promise should reassure all residents.

“A number of residents have contacted us seeking information on home replacement. We can assist with new home selection, installation, and financing. We will price your new home purchase and installation at our actual cost.”

But will the bottom line be affordable for those who will gain little from insurance?

Low cost loans should come through from FEMA, and part of the financing can be in the form of low rate mortgages, but will they be difficult to find?

This offer of a special price for a new home from management is impressive, and we all will be interested in this process and in observing an actual “installation.”

“There are a number of contractors that we have been in touch with for home repairs, roofing, electricians, plumbers, and others who can help coordinate your home restoration. ”  This also is awesome.

It’s always hard to find contractors whom you can trust, and hopefully Murex/Carlyle will be able to use their connections to help residents move forward with confidence.

“Even with all this additional construction maintenance and repairs, we plan to continue to make the planned improvements to the overall community. You will see several projects moving forward, including the mailbox replacement, community fencing, entrance and clubhouse landscaping, clubhouse remodeling, and exterior clubhouse painting.”

This also will raise confidence in our new professional management.

In the end we will all likely be in a better place—lifestyle, home quality, financial, and park reputation  positions.




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  1. I was told that Murex doesn’t care if you have insurance or not; they are only interested in selling new homes!

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