Iona tornado. Day 6. News has dried up.

Best photo of the tornado which we have seen.  You can see the debris flying about at the bottom of the funnel.


After a few days, press coverage of the Iona tornados has fizzled out.  On 1/19 there was a brief mention that FEMA was being shown around by the Lee County sheriff. But no details.

Murex has said nothing since their wayward email a couple of days ago.

Surprisingly the Governor has not visited or made any public announcements regarding this disaster.  We have been watching him for this—anyone know?

Junk removal is ongoing.  The Facebook page has includes lots of donated foods, but hardly any information about the recovery. One resident is shown sitting on a front yard toilet.

There has been no official announcements of residents returning to the park. It sounds like you can if you can put up with the congestion, debris all over and the possibility of other concerns such as the  Omicron COVID virus being brought in by all the workers.

And are there any environmental concerns such as air quality. Where is the Board of Health in inspecting the park?  Remember 9-11? Some weeks had to go by before first responders began to complain of coughs and other symptoms and diagnoses.

There was something in that airborne debris which led to chronic lung disease and cancer later.

Surely Murex will have some more to tell us since they are interacting with all the in-park professionals.



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