Tropicana Forum scuttlebutt: a mixture of facts and frenzy.

It’s now day 10 at Tropicana, and the mood is generally somber.

Our sources tell us that there have been a variety of responses to the tornado disaster. Some have totally lost their homes and they will walk away or plan to buy a new manufactured home.  Others plan to remodel their damaged homes and stay.  Some want to sell.

As far as insurance companies are concerned, if you lost your home they will value it according to its age and its size.  Age is considered in terms of depreciating value.

Because of the economy, as we have reported before, the real estate market has been going nuts, and the cost of housing has gone up.

As a result, some folks, especially young people, are looking to buy into trailer parks like ours.  But they are finding that the prices of new homes are rising, so they want to buy damaged houses at a low price and then “fix them up.”

The companies that make manufactured homes cannot keep up with demand, and we are told the the Carlyle group is buying up as many new units as they can.

And don’t forget that you can’t put a double where there had been a single or a single where there had been a double.

So there is a market for those of you who want to sell now. And if someone wants to put a new home on an available lot, the pricing situation is unclear.

We hear that a single wide is $108,000 while a double is $130,000, but no one seems to know if those prices would include extras such as car ports, air conditioners, setup costs, and other variables.  So the bottom line is not yet known.

The park is still very busy with large trucks, courtesy of the County,  carrying debris away.  Quite a few homes have been condemned, so demolition is another cost that must be paid. Young men from  Ft Myers are being enlisted to help with the cleanup.

As we reported the clubhouse is closed for normal activities.  The library books are gone.  The owners have received permits for remodeling the clubhouse, and they have to begin the project soon.

FEMA has not announced if low interest loans will be provided by the feds, so there is some confusion as to what happens next.




“Way down upon the Swanee River,
Far, far away.
That’s where my heart is yearning ever,
Home where the old folks stay.”

Is Tropicana “where the old folks stay?”   Well. forget that!   We will soon have pickle ball. Yay!