Speak softly and carry a big palm tree.

Murex is having Royal Palm trees planted at the entryway of Tropicana. Photo from Trop Facebook page.


By Paul Goldfinger,   Editor, tropicanaforum.com

One of the mysteries surrounding the Tropicana takeover by The Carlyle Group has been what would be the style of management offered by Murex.

They made many promises as part of the deal, but the details were kept close to the vest.

Lately, despite the tornado, they have gone ahead with revising the entrance. Currently they are planting Royal Palms.

We also expect that the refurbished clubhouse project will go ahead soon.

So it seems that Murex speaks softly but goes ahead full blast with the projects that are ready to start  (eg the mailboxes.)   This observation, if it holds true, is very gratifying.  It seems that they do want to quickly  implement changes that will put a new face on the park.

We know that they want to make Tropicana a showplace, and from a corporate point of view, upgrades will enable them to market the park to people who can afford new houses and pay new rental fees.

Those of us who were living here during the transition found out that the rentals would remain  affordable for them, for now,  but newcomers will be at the mercy of the new owners in terms of costs.

Also, there are incentives for all of us homeowners to make improvements on our trailers.  New sidings, plantings, roofs and other changes, paid for by homeowners, provide a reason to think of our homes as investments with rising values. And they also will be pushing for quick demolition of tornado-wrecked homes and them replacement with beautiful  new trailers.

Remember that Thomas Edison built his lovely home on McGregor Blvd at the river  water’s edge.  And one of the first improvements he made was to line the Boulevard with Royal Palm trees.  Ft. Myers is known today as the “City of Palms. ”

Royal Palms can grow up to 50-70 feet.

So, quick action by Murex means more smiles sooner in the park.