What’s in a name? Tropicana Sands? Really?

New temporary sign?   New name?


Previous sign. Looks like they wanted to get rid of the “resident owned” designation.


We have been viewing the Trop. Facebook page where it is said that the park has a new name:  Tropicana Sands.

If that is true, it seems like a dopey choice.

When we first bought here, the place was called Tropicana Manor.  Mostly no one used “Manor” because it had connotations of a nursing home.

Then it became Tropicana Coop.  Resident owned.

Now, since the takeover, it seemed like plain old Tropicana would suffice.

But “Tropicana Sands?”   If true,  it is a meaningless name.    What’s with the “Sands?”

There’s no sand around Trop. . I live in a town on the Atlantic Ocean (Ocean Grove, NJ) and there is no town around there where “sands” is used in the town name or for any streets.

But if that is really the new name, then, like in I Love Lucy, they’ve got some splaining to do.

But Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?”   And the answer is, “Very little”


Here are Don and Juan: