Messy finances in the park…

Lee County . Internet photo.


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the Iona tornado struck in Tropicana park.  The devastation was bad, but no one was killed, even though most of the fatalities in tornados occur in mobile home parks.

In Tropicana, there are a number of balls being juggled in the air, and the most dramatic relates to what happens with those homes that were wiped out.

If someone’s home was totaled, and if the owner has insurance, the company will pay for demolition, and  that cost could be over $5,000.   Murex has brought in a company aptly called “Hercules.”

A new home will vary depending on the size. The largest homes available are 24×60 and could cost over $200,000 replacement cost not counting a commission for the sales person.

Some home owners with total destruction of their homes may choose to walk away and not look back, but they are responsible for the demolition. What happens next?  Well probably Murex will take care of the demo and then sue the owner, so things could get messy.

Murex is motivated to move the process along and bring in new units. But will it be a good investment to pay $200,000 or more to have a home in Tropicana?


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