We have an idea:  Let’s have an ELECTRONIC IDEA BOX for Tropicana park.  You may offer an idea for us to post here on and you can do so anonymously if you wish.

Just send us an email  ( with your idea, and we will post it here for all our readers to see and even comment on, also anonymously.   We get about 200 hits here these days.  We will mention  your name and/or email address only if you ask us to.

Communication at such a difficult time is deficient here in Tropicana.  Facebook is of limited value.

It is important that all residents be able to communicate with other Tropicaners without having the Internet  (ie Facebook) as an intermediary.

Many in the park are not on Facebook, and not only do we need a common way for all to hear from management,  but we also need to communicate with each other individually. That way is email.  The management sometimes does use email but…

Our idea is that our address  book of residents contain not only addresses and phone numbers, but also email addresses. 

It is  easier to say something to another person without having to actually have a conversation.

Not everyone is comfortable with texting, but emailing has become the coin of the realm.  Even your doctor’s office is now using emails  (and texts) so why not in the park. You can email one, a few, or an entire list. Or you can use either email or text or both. The phone numbers let you use texts.

Also, you have received an offer to join a local NextDoor group .  That internet site has nothing to do with the Forum  (us), but we know that it has been very successful in NJ where neighbors can seek advice, recommendations, opinions, news, events, sell items, etc.

But if it happens in Tropicana it will become very popular.


Finally, talk  with your neighbors.   You never know who is disturbed, depressed, etc, and spending time with others is (usually ) therapeutic.  The tornado has been traumatic for all.


Helen King (L) and Eileen  Goldfinger (Camelia Drive) enjoy the Outlets Farmers Market Friday     2/11.  . © Paul Goldfinger photo.


Don’t they look great in their summer (winter) clothes?

Here’s Bruce Springsteen: