Photos at the Edison Estate grand plant sale…

This orchid photo is by Eileen Goldfinger 2/12/21.   Edison Estate Winter garden festival. Fort Myers  (southwest Florida)


By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger.

flower and plant growers, come from all over the state of Florida to show a wide variety of plants some of which are native and some are tropical from other countries. We saw rare specimens with prices up to $500.00.

The event was crowded, and hardly anyone wore a mask.

Eileen came up with this image of a Phalaenopsis orchid.

For the most part, flower photos are usually done in color, but the white orchid below was well suited to a black and white image.


Orchid at the Ft.Myers plant festival. Paul Goldfinger. 2/12/22 ©  Click to enlarge.