Harlem Heights Gallery, Ft. Myers, Fla.

Mision Catolica San Jose. By Paul Goldfinger   Click to enlarge.


I had passed this small white church many times on Gladiolus Drive in Ft. Myers.  It is located in Harlem Heights, a historic part of town with considerable poverty.  Across the road is the bright green food pantry.

Here is a link to our piece about the food pantry.

Food pantry Click here

The population is diverse and includes Hispanics, Whites and African Americans.  I was especially drawn to this colorful religious display which some would call a “niche” or a “grotto.”

The church, a plain white building,  is for the Hispanic population.  When I drove onto the parking lot, an elderly man was getting set to mount his 3 wheel bicycle and drive away.  I spoke to him briefly, telling him that I would take some pictures.  He had a broad smile on his face, missing some teeth.  He said that he comes every day to tend the plantings and clean up any debris.  No one else was around.

I asked if I could photograph him, and he said, “No, no…I am late. I am late.”   (I guess for a very important date…)

All the flowers were real, planted in pots.  There is a tiled path leading up to it.



RACHEL CANTU   “De Colores”   It is a celebration of colors:


“The fields are dressed in the spring.
In colors, in colors
Are the little birds that come from outside.
In colors, in colors
Is the rainbow that we see shining.”