Piles of rubble in the park since the tornado. Why have they not been removed?

Tropicana: Relatives search the wreckage of a destroyed home 1/16/22. News-Press Photo.


Talk about hazards!   Is there any doubt about the danger here?  Tropicana Forum photo. 2/15/22


By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger,  Editors of Tropicanaforum.com. February 15, 2022.

It’s been a month since the viscious Iona Tornado ripped through the Park one calm Sunday morning  (January 16.)

We don’t have the exact number of destroyed homes, but it seems like 20-30.  You would think that clearing the rubble should  happen quickly. Why hasn’t it?

This is why the cleanup should be accomplished now:

a. Danger to anyone who walks through or works on a fallen house.  You could sustain an injury, breathe in some disintegrating toxin, come across a wild animal eg a rat, fall through a soft spot, etc.

b. Health hazards:  For example there could be deteriorating household chemicals which could  cause cancer or other diseases, and they should be properly disposed of.  In some towns even a spray bottle of weed killer might have to be processed in a preventive way.

c. There may be rotting foods which could attract animals, some of which might be dangerous. Maybe that gator might sniff out a leg of lamb.

d. If another storm occurred, that debris could be all over the park and less able to be retrieved.

e. The piles of rubble are eye sores and not good for the morale of victims as well as residents.

We found a comment on Facebook yesterday (not the Tropicana page)  2/14/22, that said “Where the hell is Hercules? Their spokeswoman from Hercules assured me they were moving their equipment in last week.  If they have I missed it. ”

The writer said, “It seems awful strange that Lee County has bent over backwards in everything else to help us, but not in the permitting process!”

We called Clarice Campbell, the Murex representative and Park Manager, who told Tropicana Forum  (us) that the problem is that Lee County is holding up the demolition permits, but she said that is all she knows.  She denied having any other information.  She said,  “I’ve never been through a natural disaster like this before.”

Where are the Murex experts—why don’t they communicate with we the people?

We then called Lee County and, after some dead ends, reached the  Permitting Department. The spokeswoman admitted that they have many applications in process due to the tornado  devastation and that is why they are slow.

She didn’t want to know any specifics about our situation other than to say that they were putting extra people on the job of processing permits.   The Permitting  Department  number is 239 533 8900.

You can call.  Do we not have a resident homeowners association in Tropicana which can put some pressure on?

Is it unreasonable for us to begin to lodge complaints with the Lee County? I don’t think so.


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  1. I hired Watco Construction Co., and their permit was approved today.

    On Permitting Web site Hercules doesn’t have permit filed? Unless they have a different way.?

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