Tropicana: a dearth of information

This is Melissa at the Outlets Market.  She sells French baked goods.  Paul Goldfinger portrait.  Life goes on. This market is open on Fridays.  10 am-2 pm. Go early. It gets crowded.



Eileen and Paul Goldfinger,  Editors  Feb 16, 2022.


Yesterday, Feb 15, we posted an article regarding the failure to proceed with demolitions in Tropicana. We learned that the holdup was at the Lee County Permit Department which was due to a large number of current applications.

But it was also revealing that this blog had nearly 2,000 “hits” yesterday and, so far today, we have nearly 1,200. This means to us that there is a demand for information about this topic, and the public is not being informed by management or anybody else.

It also means that quite a few individuals have found us—

As you know, we have no passwords, no memberships, no fees, no usernames, no ads;  and we allow anonymous postings. Anyone can visit this site.  We are a pubic service.

At Tropicana Forum we are  making ourselves available for posting any information which you might want to submit and you can have conversations here on our comments pages.

Just contact us at  (our email.) If you want to be anonymous, just send us a pseudonym, like “Humpty Dumpty.”  Or just write “anonymous” and we will give you a pseudonym. And remember, this is a edited blog, so not everything is accepted.



a. We have learned that those whose homes were wrecked can sign onto a Murex list to receive a new trailer in the order in which you sign up.

b. Since the cost of a new trailer is not established now due to a fluid market*, Murex will accept a $30,000 deposit to be on the list.

c. A number is out there:  $125,000 for a single wide.  We don’t know if this is true.

d. Check with your accountant: insurance payouts may be tax free.   And  the money which you spend on replacing your home may be tax deductible in 2022.  We don’t know if that is true.

e. *Because of a rising housing market across the country–for all sorts of housing including trailers, the demand has been increasing;  the prices  to buy a home may be fluctuating, so keep an eye on the marketplace.


THE MARCELS:  Inspired by Melissa, the girl with the best croissants: