New mailboxes are fabulous.

Work crews install the new double units. 2/17/22. Tropicana Forum photo.  Camelia Drive.


These workers are very meticulous. They dig a hole and install the pole into cement.  The construction is exemplary, and the double mailboxes are functional, strong, and attractive. The house numbers are on the front.  Meanwhile, the original boxes remain in use.

One worker told us that their mailboxes only bring good news.

This change will be better for the mailman.   By the way, do you know what they call a female mailman?  It’s “letter carrier.”

We examined the soil that they dug  up—it’s all whitish sand. So now we know why this park is officially called “Tropicana Sands.”


Eileen takes a test drive. Her new mailbox is impressive, even if she has to share the pole. Paul Goldfinger photo. “OK, let’s take a walk.”






She and Him.