TROPICANA FORUM STATS February 18, 2022.

Why are so many people interested in Tropicana? This photo by Paul Goldfinger, editor, suggests why.


Tropicana Forum stats:

During the last 3 days, not counting today  (2/18/22,) Tropicana Forum received 4,885 hits.   Visitors from South Africa, Germany, India, Canada and Mexico.

The Governor visited Century 21 today but passed us by.  I guess we were not damaged enough for him to show up here as well. Or maybe the distance was a bridge too far. Why did he wait a month before showing up after the Iona Tornado?



The most popular topic on this site in recent days has to do with the piles of rubble throughout the park.


EMMYLOU HARRIS AND WILLY NELSON   “Gulf Coast Highway.”   Duets.