How to build a medical center: HealthPark in Ft. Myers, Florida

HealthPark Medical Center on the left, and Golisano Children’s’ Hospital on the right. Fort Myers, Fla.  Paul Goldfinger photograph Jan. 2019.


Entrance to the general hospital. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Jan 2019.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor

20 years ago, Lee Health, Ft.Myers, Florida, obtained 400 acres of land from farmers who were growing gladiolus bulbs near a new highway in south Ft. Myers.   Over the years they created an incredible sprawling park-like campus devoted to healthcare. It is called HealthPark.

This is an amazingly  beautiful setting with wonderfully designed buildings devoted not only to a magnificent children’s’ hospital but a general hospital rated as one of the best in the country for cardiovascular and intensive care.  They are also rated high in a number of other clinical disciplines as well.

There are specialized buildings spread out over the park, lovingly created in pastel colors, with incredible landscaping and understated parking for such fields as dermatology, pulmonary, sleep, gynecology, imaging, labs, internal medicine offices, and other disciplines. It is the most inviting health facility I have ever seen.

HealthPark is an extraordinary campus with golf carts buzzing around carrying visitors to and from the parking areas and the hospital . Access is safe and easy.  It is the ultimate in one stop shopping for medical care.

We visited a patient there in the general hospital (HealthPark Medical Center.)  The facility was spotless and magnificent inside where they have created what looks like a bird sanctuary that you walk through as you enter the sci-fi lobby with 3 glass elevators humming up and down.

In case you don’t know what maternity means, this sign makes sure that you don’t go for a colonoscopy.  Blogfinger photo.

They also specialize in obstetrics, and every time a baby is born they ring a bell, and the bell rang often while we were there.  Our friend was on the top floor in a private room, with large windows where you can look out onto a lake.

HealthPark was named the fifth most beautiful healthcare facility in America.

It’s too bad Meridian (Jersey Shore) didn’t go that route years ago to build from scratch a large campus on Rt. 66 instead of the mishmash which was created in Neptune.


DEAN MARTIN with a song for the anesthesia department: