At last: a demolition is sighted on Avocado Drive

Paul Goldfinger photo. Avocado Drive. Tropicana. 2/20/22 ©


At the corner of Avocado and Palm, the street sign had disappeard. But we found it on the ground, and that’s how we knew where our sighting of a demolition had occurred.

It was Sunday afternoon, and no one was around.  Another rubble house was next door.  At the site of the demo was a large machine perfect for the job. It was just sitting there as if it were a prehistoric monster, taking a rest between attacks.

But this predator is not an attacker.  It is a machine which will lead the charge to clear that lot so that preparations can begin for a brand-spanking-new* trailer.


*That term is not brand-spanking-new.  Here is a quote from an old article in Harper’s magazine:


“What I can find is in a story about a luckless sea captain, in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, April 1860, titled Captain Tom: A Resurrection:”

He had a new vessel, he had a new crew, he had brand spanking new fish-gear; but he had his old luck.


Let’s hope that the owner of the new trailer will find old luck till the end of the journey.