Chaos and craziness at Lakes Park Market

Lakes Park Farmers’ Market just opened, and lines are forming. 9 am 2/23/22. photo.


Paul and Eileen Goldfinger.

We arrived at 8:46 am before any booths had opened. Yet parking was already difficult, but we did find a space.   Many people were already there by 9 am, and there was a long line at the NY Bagels market stall and other popular shops.


Guacamole stand Lakes Park Market. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2/23/22. ©

The Farmers Market at Lakes Park (Gladiolus Drive) is popular because it has a large selection of mostly food items. Some of those items are quite exotic and interesting, so it is not surprising that a crowd built up quickly. The guacamole stand is an example.  It is “The Greatest Guacamole in the World.”

This specialized purveyor of “mole” even has an avocado shirt.

Eileen once told me that guacamole was invented in Guacamala. But, in her defense, it was a joke. There was also a specialist in turmeric and another who sold only key lime pies.

Eileen buys a hat. These hats are hand made in Madagascar. Definitely something special.


Kids and young moms. A fun demographic which we don’t see too much at Tropicana. 2/23/22 Forum photo.


But the reason that it is “chaotic and crazy” is pthat by 9:30, there was no place to park.  People were lined up for parking, and if anyone wanted to pull out of a space, there would be chaos in the aisles, and the parking line extended outside the lot and back to the park entrance.

But the most amazing site was the single spaced line on Gladiolus which stretched back for about  3/4 mile, and the ability to make the left turn into the park was controlled by a quick light.

Is a bargain bunch of radishes worth this?  Evidently for some crazy people…

Unless you want one of their specialty items,  buy the basics at the Outlets Market each Friday from 9-2, right near Tropicana.

Even there, go early to avoid tight contact with others.  There still is concern about COVID.


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