Colors of the Caribbean in Tropicana:

Palmetto Drive. Tropicana.  Ft. Myers, Fla.   Photograph  by Paul Goldfinger and Eileen Goldfinger. March 1, 2022 ©


By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger. Editors

Bright colors like this are rare in Tropicana immobile home park where the color scheme is, in general, muted.  We have also seen a bright pink in the park. The new owners, Carlyle Group, have offered to help pay for painting homes, but the colors have to be chosen from their palette. We don’t know what their color agenda is.

If every house in the park were done in bright colors like this one, it would look like a Caribbean island or Disneyland.  But a mixture of colors, designs, and landscaping is natural for immobile home communities  (aka upscale trailer parks) and create a particular “look” for any park that pays attention to this issue.

And occasional homes that stand out such as this Palmetto beauty add interest and visual variety to the community where the homes tend to structurally similar, with some exceptions.

This homeowner, who bought this home 2 years ago, wasn’t so sure about the color at first, but now he likes it very much, and so do we.

And while we were figuring out the composition for this photograph, we discovered a surprise in the car port:


1965 Ford, done in turquoise, a fine color for that era.


We hope someday to photograph this home with this Ford parked out front–talk about color schemes!