What’s in a name at Tropicana? We have new words to learn like “coastal living” and “beach town life.”

This is coastal living. But where is “Tropicana coastal living” as stated in the Murex ads.?    Words matter.   Jean Bredin  photo. Blogfinger.net. Jersey Shore.



By Paul Goldfinger Editor.

Words should say what they mean.  There are quite a few new words  associated with the new “Tropicana.”   Sometimes the names can be misleading. Let’s consider some of them:


a. Tropicana Topics.   This name refers to the monthly newsletter of the “Tropicana Social Club  (TSC).

b. “Tropicana Strong” is used in the latest newsletter.  It is  a slogan to represent all the people who will “join together to continue to build relationships that promote a sense of community and keep TROPICANA STRONG.”

c. Tropicana Mobile Home Association (TMHA) which “represents all homeowners in Tropicana in matters involving management.” It is an odd name because the vast majority of homes here are immobile.

d. Tropicana LLC  ( a limited liability company) which “owns Tropicana.”

e.  Carlyle Group is  the true owner of this park.  “The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation. It specializes in private equity, real assets, and private credit.” Somewhere in that description is Tropicana.

f.  Murex Properties manage this park.  How do they “manage” the park?

g. Murex Housing at Tropicana.  Their ad says that they are “very excited to be part of the “Tropicana Family” –whatever that means.  They say that they are “a full service sales operation engaged in selling homes in the park.”   They say, ‘We are here to help get it sold.”  What does “full service” mean?

Their lead slogan is “Customize your lifestyle with a New Home!”  How is that accomplished?

Their ad also says, “We look forward to elevating your lifestyle.”  What does that mean?

And they will offer bonuses if a client is referred to them (“Amazing referral rewards.”)

The “Murex Housing” number is 239 437 0623 or “stop by the office.”


h.  TropicanaFlorida.com  is a glossy real estate website devoted to promoting this park for sales.  Their opening pitch is:

“Discover the warm Florida lifestyle at Tropicana.

“Tropicana is a 55+ active lifestyle community in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. Unparallel (sic)  coastal living location with beautiful white sand and seashell-filled beaches, premier golf courses, restaurants, and more. With year-round sunny skies, you’ll have more time to enjoy the outdoors and the many amenities that Tropicana provides. There’s no time like the present to start living the beach town life you’ve always dreamed of. Discover Tropicana in Fort Myers today!”

They also say, “If you’re looking for a home in Fort Myers, look no further than Tropicana. We have new and pre-owned manufactured homes available. One is sure to be the perfect home for you!”

“Design your very own custom-built home today. Be sure to ask about our current specials. We look forward to welcoming you home to Tropicana.”

So we have other terms to learn: pre-owned,  custom built, beach-town life, coastal living, and  current specials.

This web site refers to our park “Tropicana”—a perfectly fine name, but what happened to “Tropicana Sands?”


This appeared on a Murex message to Tropicana. 3/9/22.


And they say that we offer “coastal living.” Is that true?  What is “coastal living?”

TropicanaFlorida.com web site is professionally done and offers photos of “available homes, amenities, community features and what’s nearby.”  Currently they only show “sale pending” properties.  And what are “community features?”  What community are they featuring?

Wow–they must have a really slick office. Their address is 16711 McGregor Blvd.  Sound familiar?

So, be careful to read everything that comes your way at the Tropicana Immobile Trailer Park.   (my nickname)