Confrontation at the Camelia River..


Face-off:   The Great Blue on the right, Great White on the left. Both standing still. Paul Goldfinger photo 3/8/22 . Technically difficult photo with bright sun and contrast. The Great Blue has a white neck and head with blue on the tip top.


By Paul Goldfinger    Tropicana Forum.


We first spotted the Great Blue Heron behind our house wading in the shallow water of the Camelia River (Tropicana park.)  She moved fairly quickly, and I tried to keep up with her.  The sun was very bright.

She  reached a place where the foliage was thick, and I lost sight of her.

Then I caught up, and when I could get a clear place to see, there she was……facing down a Great White Heron.   The two large birds were very still, facing each other.  The Blue is larger than the white.

The standoff suggested that it would end with a fight, but after about 5 minutes, they just walked away in opposite directions, and then as I moved closer, the Blue flew off over the rooftops of Camelia Drive.


The Great Blue took off. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 3/8/22 ©